OddsLane to release new Christmas song on "A Gulf Coast Christmas"


Odds Lane is excited to be included in "A Gulf Coast Christmas" containing 16 tracks of beloved Christmas covers as well as original Christmas tunes by the label’s talented and diverse artists. This blues holiday album features 18 

Gulf Coast Records artists including Mike Zito  Albert CastigliaKat Riggins The Proven Ones Mark May John Blues Boyd,  Diana Rein  Kevin Burt  Louisiana's LeRoux  Jimmy Carpenter  Billy Price  Sayer & Joyce  Lisa Leuschner Andersen  Kid Andersen  Thomas Atlas  and Tony Campanella, St. Louis, MO

"A Gulf Coast Christmas" will be your favorite holiday album for years to come and releases worldwide on Nov 13th!


Vizions of Rock interview!

Doug Byrkit & Brian Zielie, of ODDS LANE, musical journey began in grade school and has fostered a lifelong friendship, a musical partnership that has lasted 25 years and carried them all the way from their South Saint Louis blues rock/funk roots to the legendary Sun Studio in Memphis, TN; where they recorded in the same session booth as Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis.
📖 Read this in-depth interview with Doug Byrkit and Brian Zielie of the Gulf Coast Records' band Odds Lane ➡️ https://bit.ly/2S2xfo9
📀 Pick up "Lost & Found" @ oddslane.com/store

CAN'T STOP THE BLUES live stream

We were thrilled to be on the "Can't Stop The Blues" live stream last night 4.19.20! What a great time, and thanks to everyone who joined us live! You can re-watched the entire night here or if you just want the show Scroll to 38:00 to the start of our performance! Meet & Greet session is from 0:00 minutes til 38:00 minutes. BIG THANKS again to everyone at CANT STOP THE BLUES for organizing such a great night for us and all the artist they have had on the show!

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! Cant' Stop The Blues 4.19 9pm EST/8PM CDT

A SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! Can’t Stop The Blues (www.cantstoptheblues.com) Odds Lane Event 4.19.20 at 9pm EST/8pm CDT https://www.facebook.com/events/664285614305905/

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