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"Lost & Found stands as a true original masterpiece of creativity on the parts of the duo Odds Lane, rooted in Jazzy / Blues infused foundation, the album shines and draws you into a full and harmonious world created by Doug and Brian......Lost & Found will resonate with you and your life.....Odds Lane definitely scores a win with Lost & Found" — Joseph Timmons (IndiePulseMusic)


"These guys bring the best of classic rock to a solid understanding of the blues…Every song is a rocking workshop in how to get it done” - Bob Leggett (LA Music Critic)


Lost & Found is the band’s third and latest release to date and dare I say, undoubtedly their best....this is a perfect example of how bearing your genuine soul is what breaks down any cynic’s skeptical judgement...The record is inimitable....In a very concise summary, get the damn album. It’s excellent!"  — Mazzy Vai (The Spectatour)

"Doug Byrkit and Brian Zielie have a sound that is second to none. Great songs, great playing, truly original. Almost a modern day Steely Dan” — Mike Zito (2021 Blues Rock Artist of the year)


“Odds Lane doesn’t waste any time.....The blues rock gauntlet has been thrown down and these guys have a dirty gritty backbeat that crawls under your skin...... I very much like the way they blend different styles – they don’t just stick with one groove or one sound. I think the way Mike Zito produces album will make them an unbeatable combination.” — Professor Johnny P's Juke Joint


"Brilliant, and sometimes darkly humorous, it is impossible to categorize Odds Lane and we wouldn't have it any other way." - JD Nash (American Blues Scene Magazine)

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